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Pond Planning Suffolk

If you are looking for pond planning advice in Suffolk and its surrounding areas we can provide you with expert advice or you could even take advantage of our full pond plan, build and stock service. Contact us for a free initial telephone conversation.

Our Pond Planning Service

The Koi Guys are fish experts and have over 10 years of experience working in fisheries and are qualified with a BSc honours degrees in aquaculture and fisheries management.


The Koi Guys offer their expert advice on a face to face consulting basis, where they visit your home or business to help you with:


  • pond or aquaria planning and project management

  • system design advice

  • equipment/product advice

  • improve the health of your fish

  • deal with specific fish health problems

  • water testing

  • feeding advice

  • cleaning

  • equipment and system maintenance

Book your free initial consultation call today to find out how The Koi Guys can help you with your needs.

Our Clients Typical Pond Planning Needs

What Our Pond Planning Clients Say


John Wilkins, Ipswich

Outstanding service from The Koi Guys. Their advice made the planning and building of our new pond so much easier and we saved a fortune on equipment as they stopped us from buying expensive bits we didn't need.


Ann Cole, Essex

The Koi Guys help maintain my company's large pond. They look after everything from cleaning, maintaining the pumps, filters and making sure our fish are healthy.  Our pond looks great because of them and our fish are happy.


Danny Herbertson, London

We called The Koi Guys because we were losing fish for an unknown reason. They visited us and  tested the water and took samples from the fish. They found that some of the fish had  parasites and they helped us solve the problem.

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